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Joe Robertshaw Content Executive

How A Financial Services Brand Doubled Conversion Rates

24 January 2022

An independent online broker looking to utilise the power of native advertising came to Agency Native to optimise their Taboola activity.

After looking through their advertorial and quickly realising what was working and what wasn't, we decided to give their branded copy an overhaul in order to drive more conversions.

We created a purpose built native advertorial that would engage and inform prospective customers, using language that was thought provoking and 'to the point' whilst also telling a story that people could relate to.

This meant:

  • Creating a headline with a sense of urgency, intrigue and enticing the reader to engage further
  • Including copy that was sales-driven and proven to deliver
  • Using the 'power of authority'. It's so much more compelling to be recommended a product or service than for a brand to just say 'we're the best'

We saw some fantastic results in the first month of using our own editorial. 



5 proven ways to increase ROAS from your native ad campaigns now.


Conversion rates grew steadily from our first week live, increasing to just under 400 leads in week three.

This goes to show just how powerful the right strategy can be for a brand. By making key changes to their copy, and using our own native advertorial we were able to make yet another successful campaign for this financial services brand


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