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6 Things For Better Native Campaigns

7 January 2022

It’s said that in the coming years, 25% of the market will have moved to native. To put that into perspective, 53% of consumers will be viewing native rather than display ads.


As more businesses turn native to acquire new customers, let’s take a look at some of the ways you can implement it for your brand


When it comes to running native ads, there are a number of platforms to choose from. 

Platforms like Outbrain, Taboola and Gemini allow users to create campaigns, set rules to capitalise on successful ads, and keep a detailed track of how they are doing. But each has a unique publisher reach so one important thing to consider is which platform has access to the publishers with an audience that most closely matches your target market. 

Checkout our article on native ad platforms for more info here (link to Adam's page)

Get Creative

Advertising is all about hooking your audience into buying your product or service through creative means. Of course this is true of native as well. After all, content is king.

But it’s not all just about throwing fancy pictures and flowery words together. Creating a visual and written flow can be difficult; finding winning images and copy that fit together to create an engaging ad can be the difference between success and failure.


This is the ace card in your creative hand. The part of the ad that’s vital when it comes to getting those conversions.

Headlines should stand out, be relevant to the product or service and offer enough intrigue that the reader can’t help but click-thru. 


Images can make a huge difference to the CTR of your native ads and as the majority of native ads are served on an eCPM basis your CTR directly impacts the CPC you can bid and still win traffic.  Make sure to create images that stand out and are relevant to the product or service you are selling. Avoid stock photos at all costs! More natural images of faces or the product in use work best.


While headlines and images may be a quick way to grab prospective attention, copy is vital in order to turn that attention into conversions. It’s all very well getting people to click through to a landing page, but you’ll need coherent engaging sales copy to turn if you want people to buy. Our general rule of thumb is to split the copy into 3rds. 

First, present the problem your product or service solves. Use emotion to really have the user emphasise, after all, the bigger the problem - the easier the sell. Next, present your product as the most obvious or trusted solution to said problem. Finally, give the reader a reason to act now… urgency or scarcity.

Test Your Ads

Once your native campaigns are live you’ll likely see a large delta in the performance of ads. Now is the time to make some initial decisions. Be ruthless, pause any ads that are underperforming, there’s no point in hanging on to anything that isn't bringing in the clicks and conversions.

You can now create new variations based on your winners. Creatives don’t need to be built entirely from scratch, try tweaking your best headlines by one or two words or adding bold colours to your best images. 



5 proven ways to increase ROAS from your native ad campaigns now.


Set Some Rules

Serious about scaling? You’ll want to use some automation. Having your campaigns spread out over different platforms can be a time-costly exercise, especially when you’re wanting to create campaigns with multiple creatives.

This is where native automation platforms such as The Optimizer and Maximus come in.

These systems set out all campaigns across platforms in one place. It provides an overview of all your costs and revenue too, allowing you to quickly create new campaigns with multiple creatives across multiple native sources. 

Automation rules is where Optimizer or Maximus can really help.

Through these systems you can set rules to pause creatives, adjust bids at an ad or site level, increase caps and more all based on real-time data.



Utilise Platforms

Get Creative

Test Your Ads

Set Some Rules

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