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Sophie Packer Operations Director

5 Brands Winning On Native

7 January 2022

With native advertising being on nearly every news publisher out there, it only makes sense for brands to use it as a means to target new customers. You will find brands with all different objectives such as brand awareness, online purchases or signups.

The idea behind native advertising is that it blends in with the site that it is shown on; however, the ads have limited space on each site. Characters are limited to around one sentence and images are typically thumbnails.

When ads are being served on the open web as opposed to social media where users sign in with personal information, targeting can be a lot trickier. For example, age targeting is inferred (inaccurately) from 3rd party data suppliers.

Due to these restrictions, advertisers have to be pretty smart when it comes to the creatives. Headlines should be intriguing and descriptive. Images need to be eye-catching but relevant to the product or service promoted. And then once the user is engaged, they are usually driven to a landing page that explains the product in more detail.

There is a lot to consider and to get wrong with native ads, so many brands reach out to specialists to produce ad creatives and landing pages that convert for them - this is where we come in.

Here are some brands that are using Native advertising successfully.


Nespresso uses native advertising to showcase their new coffee lines and machines, driving users directly to pages where they are able to purchase the coffee or machines. The imagery and headlines are very ‘on brand’ and mostly focused on representing Nespresso rather than a new or specific message/offer.

Inno Games

Inno Games own several well-known games in the gaming community, such as Forge of Empires, a strategy game where you build your own empire and can play against others. The game is free to play but some features can be purchased with real money. It initially started as a computer game and was later released on iOS and then Android due to its popularity.

They use ads which are screenshots of the game itself and drive directly to the browser in which you can play the game right away (after filling in a couple of details). This ‘freemium’ model is perfect for engaging users frictionlessly whilst capturing their intent.


Honey is a fantastic browser plugin that automatically scans the internet for discount codes on the site the user is shopping on in order to apply the best discount at checkout. It is free to use. Honey makes commission from the merchants.

Honey is a great example of using intrigue and storytelling in ad headlines to drive engagement at scale. Including well known brands in the images only increases CTR as they gain authority by association.


Pacamask is a company born out of the pandemic. They identified that people needed to purchase and use face masks quickly in the UK -  a country where this wasn’t already common practice. This worked particularly well on native advertising as ads were being served on news articles about the pandemic to hyper-relevant and pre-engaged readers


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[Nespresso Vertuo. Your coffee on another level]

Best-brands-on- native-honey


Gaio is a German smartwatch brand specialising in health and fitness. They are selling watches that track stats such as ECG, temperature and blood pressure. Being a product with a lot of features, direct factual headlines, highlighting the features and using imagery of the products themselves has proven to be successful. So successful that this brand went from a standing start to $500k+ in sales from native ads alone within 30 days [This brand new watch displays EKG, temperature, pulse rate and blood pressure].


How can you use native advertising to promote your brand?

Native advertising, when done well, can be used to generate brand awareness, sales or lead generation.

It’s more powerful to be recommended a product or service by a friend or authority site than for the company to say we’re the best. This is where native excels. Presenting your brand as a 3rd party recommendation adds trust and ultimately more customers.





Inno Games



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