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Joe Robertshaw Content Executive

From 0 to 3000 Leads A Week In Less Than 2 Months

7 January 2022

The client

Speciality Life Insurance, a life insurance provider based in Canada wanted to utilise native advertising to generate qualified leads for their sales agents. 

They had worked with 'lead providers' before but couldn't get the quality to stick at scale. Not to mention the risk of running blind.

Enter Agency Native...

The Results

Just under the course of three months, we were able to scale this campaign from zero to three thousand leads a week, whilst also over-achieving on our target sales performance through native advertising.

Our December month was extremely successful, with over 130% return on our advertising spend.

Our Process

The process began with creating content that would convert. Advertorial sales copy, intriguing native images and compelling headlines. Native journeys that take people from browsing news online into wilfully requesting a quote through subtle queues in an editorial format.

Advertorials are all about the copy - creating engaging, story driven editorial that was relatable to our target audience. 

Using our own created landing pages, we were able to provide an easy-to-follow journey for the reader, that culminated in high lead volumes, but more importantly, leads that converted into sales.



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The client


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